The Community Farms Program responds to the urgent need to 'grow' more farmers and keep farmland intact for farming by supporting people involved in farmland conservation and community farming.

A key part of the Community Farms Program is our hub of community farming information and resources.

Community farmers and those who support them are people who are committed to practicing organic, sustainable agriculture and working in community to develop healthy, local food production systems.

Many community farms are small to medium size, and all face a range of economic, social, and regulatory challenges to accessing and securing farmland and succeeding financially.

Community farmers have told us they can't find business and governance information and other resources relevant to small and medium scale farm businesses and community farms.

In the Community Farms Program, we provide information materials and links to resources that help community farmers and members of community support groups improve farming practices, increase economic viability, and work together successfully.

Farmers, community groups, farmland owners, and other BC residents who want to keep farmland in food production will benefit from:

  • Farmer training
  • Business training programs and resources
  • Farmland resources
  • Sustainable agriculture resources
  • Governance resources
  • Grants and fundraising information

We encourage use of this information for personal and public non-commercial use, and request that the Community Farms Program be acknowledged.

Please contact us with suggestions and new resources!

created by: Barbara Joughin

Last Modified: September 23, 2014