Project Partners

In addition to the ongoing partnership between FarmFolk/CityFolk and The Land Conservancy of BC, we work with many other individuals and organizations who lend their support and expertise to the Community Farms Program.

Past and present project partners include:


Devco staff are knowledgeable, experienced cooperative developers, passionate about the value cooperatives bring to our communities. Devco has experience starting dozens of cooperatives across Canada. Their recent work has included a number of farming co-ops.

Hannah Wittman

Dr. Wittman is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Simon Fraser University. She conducts research with community farms in Brazil, Guatemala and British Columbia. Hannah designed and delivered a survey of cooperative and community farmers and researched farmland trusts.

University of Victoria Environmental Law Centre

University of Victoria Environmental Law Centre collaborated with TLC to explore the potential of using affirmative covenants to guarantee that farm and ranch land are kept in sustainable agricultural production.

We have ongoing support from provincial and regional organizations, including the Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia (COABC), the BC Food Systems Network, and the Capital Region Food and Agriculture Initiative Roundtable (CR-FAIR). Other groups include:

Local Food First

Local Food First is a multi-stakeholder, collaborative initiative whose mission is to build and strengthen a just and sustainable local food system. LFF is keenly aware that the greatest challenge to a sustainable local food system is the lack of supply to meet local demand, and recognizes the Community Farms Program as an innovative solution to increasing the local food supply.

Colony Farm Parks Association

FFCF and TLC continue to be active participants in planning agriculture in Colony Farm Regional Park in Metro Vancouver.

Metro Vancouver Agriculture Advisory Committee

Heather Pritchard is a member of the Metro Vancouver Agriculture Advisory Committee.

UBC Farm

Heather Pritchard is a member of the steering committee for UBC farm's apprenticeship program.

Agricultural Land Reserve–Protection and Enhancement Committee

ALR-PEC was formed to protect farmland in BC. Core membership organizations include FarmFolk/CityFolk, Smart Growth, SPEC, Western Wilderness Committee, and the Fraser Valley Conservation Society.

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Last Modified: April 12, 2011