Fraser Common Farm Coop
Working Maps

As part of our Whole Farm Plan it seemed time to revamp and redraw our maps, particularly to help with our agreement and lease creation, and land use planning.

There have been several attempts at creating maps over the years. The early ones were hand drawn to various scales and degrees of detail. More recently we've have access to GIS surveys and Google Maps.

One of our members, Dave McCandless, doggedly pursued this project and created a fairly accurate and detailed map of the farm. We used his maps coupled with detailed "walk-arounds" to create the map below. To create it we took Dave's original map to a copy shop that specializes in architectural copies. They enlarged the map and printed it on a mylar film. The mylar is water proof, stain-resistant and almost un-tearable. It was perfect for walking around the farm. It also provided for a fairly low-tech way to display the map at meetings and gatherings.

Last Modified: September 23, 2014